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What is it?

A product vulnerability that the developers are unaware of.

Why is it important?

Zero-day vulnerabilities are important because there is the potential for them to be exploited before developers have a chance to patch the affected product. Once a zero-day vulnerability has been detected, companies often have very little time to correct the issue before the vulnerability is used to attack the product.

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What is it?

A hostile action against an organization performed accidentally or maliciously by individual(s) who possess intimate knowledge of, and access to, a company’s infrastructure, security, and business processes.

Why is it important?

The term is important because insider threat is one of the main causes of data exfiltration – theft of data – affecting organizations today. Insider threats can cause grave damage to an organization’s finances and reputation.

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What is it?

Security measures that staff create to manage security to the best of their knowledge and ability, avoiding official security policies and mechanisms that get in the way of their tasks and reduce productivity.

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What is it?

The psychological state one reaches when security decisions become too numerous and/or too complex, thus inhibiting good security practices.

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What is it?

A human-centric manipulation technique that uses deceptive tactics to trigger emotionally driven actions that are in the interests of a cybercriminal or attacker.

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